Amnesty International: The condemnation of the Jordis is excessive, but the trial was fair

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The organization considers that the trial was clean and does not qualify any of the courts as "political prisoner", but demands the freedom of the "Jordis"         
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José A. Ruiz 19/11/2019 1220
As Amnesty International has made public today, the sentence applied to the "Jordis" by the Spanish judges has been excessive, and consequently calls for their release. The human rights organization considers that "the use of the crime of sedition has been used too broadly" to prosecute the leaders of secessionist civil organizations, and states that "more specific crimes need to be specified or else the right to harm the peaceful demonstration. " However, it doesn't consider that those convicted fall into the category of political prisoners, that is, it doesn't claim that they have been judged for their ideas, but for their actions.
Regarding the trial itself, Amnesty International concludes that it has been a fair trial and has not made claims for any of the political leaders tried and convicted. This conclusion is based on fifty days of the trial in which he has attended as an observer.
In summary: The "Jordis" must be set free, while Junqueras, Forcadell and the rest of those accused and convicted must comply with their sentences.
One detail to keep in mind: despite the insistence of nationalism for considering its leaders "political prisoners", none of the around two hundred human rights NGOs in the world grant them such status, and both Amnesty International itself and Human Rights Watch They have expressly denied it.

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