A stream of VOX denounces "authoritarianism" in the party

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Under the name "VOXHabla", dissenting members seek to "return democracy" to the Abascal formation.         
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José A. Ruiz 11/03/2020 1400
In an exclusive interview with Onda Layetana, Sayde Chaling-Chong, a well-known VOX activist in Catalonia, denounces the authoritarian practices of his party and announces the consolidation of a critical current that aims to respond to the "authoritarianism" that he says the directive is exercising. There are several factors, such as the interference of forces outside of those who raised the formation, the manifest disrespect for the own statutes by the leaders and their shielding of any interference or alternative in a party that was born with assembly grounds. In addition there are other possible interests that the militant does not fully reveal until he can properly demonstrate them.
During the interview, Sayde states that the claims of the new formation are simple: "Internal democracy and the right to be able to express oneself freely". Something that should be taken for granted, but whose apparent non-existence is what has led to the formation of this dissenting current. Despite the fact that the discontent was manifest due to a number of cases, it seems that it was the sudden rejection of the candidacy of the Canary Island doctor Carmelo Gonzalez that has made the most critical sector react.
The candidate was secretary of communication in Las Palmas and he wasn't able to measure his candidacy because as soon as it was known by the directive the candidate was dismissed, after three minutes and by whatsapp. Abascal apparently didn't tolerate alternatives. Although the official version is that the application has not been able to obtain sufficient guarantees, the truth is that the training board has not responded to requests for information on the matter, a fact for which the dissenting sector is considering taking legal action.
Asked about the name "VOXHabla" with which this critical current is made known, Sayde states that it's nothing more than a reference to the leitmotif of the early training, that it was none other than "VOX Speak and Act".
The interview lasts for more than ten minutes and in it the VOX militant touches on other subjects that may have influenced the authoritarian drift of the formation, such as the interference of members of other political formations that have taken control of various local branches passing above the militancy, or even the dark threat of certain religious formations.
You can access the full interview under these lines (in spanish).

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