A mayor of Segrià (Catalonia) asks the army for help in the face of the Generalitat's reluctance

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Previous attempts by the Spanish Army to save lives in Catalonia faced strong opposition by the regional government         
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José A. Ruiz 23/07/2020 2296
The Alcarràs town hall, in the Segrià region of Catalonia (Spain), has asked the Spanish Military Emergency Unit for help in disinfecting the town's nursing home, where more than 80 positives have been detected for Covid-19.
According to the mayor, the request was made two weeks ago but it had to go through the Generalitat (regional government) before the army could respond. Already on April 7 they received the help of the UME and that experience was very positive during that first outbreak, according to statements by the Mayor of Alcarràs, who states that the Generalitat has proposed to send their own teams this time, which was scheduled for next Monday, although after all this time the outbreaks haven't stopped growing and the consistory has had no further news.
The reluctance of the regional nationalist government to allow the Spanish Army to carry out relief work in this health crisis is well known, something that both nationalist leaders Quim Torra and Gabriel Rufián showed with their criticism during the previous confinement and that led the Health Counselor Alba Vergés to paralyze field hospitals that the army had raised at the request of the mayors in Sant Andreu de La Barca and Sabadell. (In the first of these municipalities, the councilor has been declared "persona non grata" by the town hall).
In fact, and despite this institutional resistance, the army was able to go to disinfect several Catalan nursing homes and even set up the field hospital of the Fira de Barcelona under the state of alarm, but as now it's over, the Generalitat can channel these requests for help and can therefore freeze them at will or propose different alternatives.

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