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Oscar Fernández Voces Layetanas
Conmemoración del nacimiento de Velázquez en Sevilla Conmemoración del nacimiento de Velázquez en Sevilla
08/06/2021 1169

La asociación TercioOlivares en Sevilla ha conmemorado este domingo 6 de junio de 2021, el nacimiento de un español insigne, D. Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez, que nació en la ciudad de Sevilla en 1660, hace 422 años. Pintor barroco español considerado como uno de los máximos exponentes de la pintura en España, Maestro de la pintura universal y Caballero de la Orden de Santiago.   Esta asociación, cuyos fines están orientados a rememorar la Historia de España mediante la recreación histórica de los Tercios de Infantería españoles de los ss. XVI y XVII. y divulgar la Historia de España en general y más concretamente la acontecida durante los ss. XVI y XVII, ha puesto un broche de oro en las calles del centro de la ciudad hispalense.   Esta magna asociación hace suyos valores del más alto nivel y prestigio, en los que cuenta entre sus miembros a numerosos def... Leer Más
José A. Ruiz Noticias (Layetania)
Catalonia's triple leadership: Higher taxes, higher spending on politicians and worse government Catalonia's triple leadership: Higher taxes, higher spending on politicians and worse government
31/05/2021 732

Rarely does a triplet like the one described, as documented and supported as the one at the head of this article, converge in an autonomous region. The largest tax burden in the developed world   Or in other words, Catalans pay more taxes than anyone else. These are the data from the latest report from the Instituto de Estudios Económicos (IEE). Especially bleak is the graph of regulatory tax pressure, which indicates that the area of ​​the world where people are paid the least is Estonia, followed by Latvia, and the area of ​​the world subject to the greatest tax burden is Catalonia, followed by Italy and Chile. To give us an idea, the tax burden in Madrid is 86% higher than that of Estonia, while the tax burden in Catalonia is 186.8% higher than that of Estonia and slightly less than double that of Madrid. In short, right now for the Catalans the definition of "tax ... Leer Más
José A. Ruiz Noticias (Layetania)
Why does nationalism insist on expelling the National Police of Catalonia? Why does nationalism insist on expelling the National Police of Catalonia?
28/05/2021 966

This Thursday a massive concentration has taken place (to the extent that compliance with sanitary measures allows it) in response to the threats of the new Catalan nationalist government headed by Pere Aragonés to evict the National Police from the iconic Vía Layetana police station. This intention is an habitual claim of the nationalists, supported by the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, who has insisted on several occasions on this eviction, with the intention of turning the current Superior Police Headquarters into a kind of interpretation center of Francoism, period with which an attempt is made to link the police force.   Wide variety of associations   If something has distinguished this concentration from others, it's the diversity of political parties, unions and associations, large and small, that it has brought together. Police unions such as JUPOL, asso... Leer Más
José A. Ruiz Voces Layetanas
"Retaliation to Cuixart .." or when the mainstream media do not contrast their news
23/04/2021 1192

Today I've been forwarded an excerpt from an article from a few days ago. A very harsh article referring to a devastating report on the harsh conditions of the imprisonment of the pro-independence Catalan activist Jordi Cuixart, in which the Council of Europe rules that he suffers "reprisals and intimidation", that he's locked in his cell 23 hours a day, that his situation is worsened by the pandemic, that he's a defender of human rights and that his trial was a political trial..   Obviously this article alerted me. Is Cuixart's situation really so serious? Are these the verbatim words of the European Council report?   Let's find out.   The first step is to search for the article online. Indeed, we come to the publication of La Vanguardia. What I've been sent is not a fake, it's part of a real article, although to my disappointment... Leer Más
José A. Ruiz Voces Layetanas
The witch hunt begins in Catalonia The witch hunt begins in Catalonia
29/03/2021 1578

The situation in Catalonia is reaching unsustainable extremes of absurdity. It's incomprehensible that at this stage of the conflict in Catalonia an activist is interviewed on television being described as anti-fascist and, speaking of critics of the independence movement, calls to "Identify them", "keep them under control", "find where they work", "point them out" , "pressure them in their work", "make their life more uncomfortable and difficult" so that "they cannot be at peace", because "their ideas are dangerous" and "they can't be allowed to express theirselves freely" while a presenter and several talk companions nod respectfully as if they were listening to the list of human rights read by Nelson Mandela himself.   Because that's what happened on TV3 last week in the Planta baixa show. The interviewee was Pol Andiñach, journalist, author of the book Everyone... Leer Más
José A. Ruiz Voces Layetanas
One year after the alleged macrocontagion of Perpignan One year after the alleged macrocontagion of Perpignan
01/03/2021 1268

Let's go back an exact year, or as exact as it can be if we take into account that we are talking about February 29 of a leap year. There were still 12 days left for the WHO to declare the global pandemic and three more days for the state of alarm to be declared in Spain, but the Generalitat was already aware of the health risk. The cancellation of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was already history and the WHO warned against holding public events with more than 1,000 people. Despite all, the nationalist "govern" delayed its own action plan against COVID-19 (something they have already admitted on TV3) to allow a show of strength in Perpignan (France), a territory that the Catalan independence claims as the "North Catalonia". For that tribute to Puigdemont it had been decided to put 200,000 Catalans in five hundred buses, locked up for hours of travel to concentrate them in ... Leer Más
The audience speaks..

Antonio García 15/12/2021 14:01
Comenta El regionalismo nos va a matar
Magnífico análisis de Miguel del amo. Lo suscribo de principio a fin. Breve, acertado y difícil de superar.
Antonio García 01/12/2021 10:08
Comenta Annual 1921
Magnífica panorámica del hecho. Anima a profundizar y da las pautas para hacerlo. Una primera aproximación, un primer paso que despierta el interés.
Antonio García 01/12/2021 00:18
Comenta El fútbol como herramienta política
El FCB ha sido siempre, con mayor o menor énfasis, la TMS (Terminal Mediática del Separatismo). Una tragedia, ya que la inmensa mayoría de sus aficionados son personas normales. Con tal identificación política una gran masa de ciudadanos se convierten en enemigos irreconciliables de ese club.
Antonio García 06/10/2021 11:41
Comenta Cuatro años desde la fechoría
El 1-O de 2017 fue LA OCASIÓN PERDIDA por el Estado, una de las pocas que brinda la historia: - Ocasión para suspender la autonomía catalana durante las décadas necesarias para revertir todos los atropellos, controlar la Educación y deshacer el adoctrinamiento, conducir la economía y hacer que sirviera de prueba piloto para el resto de autonomías, demostrando que son un cáncer con metástasis.
José 30/09/2021 23:05
Comenta 39 razones
Muy bueno
Antonio García 27/09/2021 15:27
Comenta El dilema de la mascarilla
Jamás podré deshabituarme de algo a lo que nunca me habitué: UNA HUMILLACIÓN DIARIA. Maldigo a quienes la impusieron, les deseo lo peor; si tuviera ocasión se lo haría pagar con la vida. JAMÁS ME VAN A DOBLEGAR.