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José A. Ruiz Voces Layetanas
Carrefour answers for the pro independence videos Carrefour answers for the pro independence videos
10/01/2021 204

Perhaps we'll never know whose decision was to broadcast in a loop through the closed circuit television of the electronics department those images of Catalonia sprinkled with independence acts that we made public in this article. What we do know is that Carrefour's director of institutional operations in Catalonia has responded to complaints from several clients who have contacted his department in protest at the politicization of the Gavà center. This is an excerpt from his answer: "As soon as we were aware of his suggestion, we removed the images, always respecting neutrality, and replaced them with others"   It should be said that for this type of case, Carrefour's response is correct, and some of the complainants have expressed their satisfaction with the response, taking into account that the reported propaganda action may not necessarily have been t... Leer Más
José A. Ruiz Voces Layetanas
Trump and Catalan Independence - Similarities and Differences Trump and Catalan Independence - Similarities and Differences
09/01/2021 175

They're very different scenarios, but with resonances in form and in substance. Far from an exhaustive analysis, but trying to maintain a certain equity, we're going to confront the most striking characteristics of both phenomena.   Access to power: Similar.   Trump acceded by a parliamentary majority, but not in votes. The same can be said of nationalism. In both cases, an anomalous electoral law allows a force that doesn't add enough votes to achieve an absolute majority in parliament.   Language policy: Points in common.   The United States is an English-speaking country in which the Spanish language is the second most widely spoken language (15%) after English (79%) and far behind the third language, Chinese (1%). Therefore, Spanish was already present in the American streets as well as on the websites of the United States government,... Leer Más
José A. Ruiz Voces Layetanas
The Carrefour center in Gavà joins the separatist campaign (video) The Carrefour center in Gavà joins the separatist campaign (video)
02/01/2021 2664

If you are thinking of buying a flat TV for Magi and you go through Carrefour de Gavà, you may find the same thing that I found a few hours ago. It's a video that is broadcasted cyclically on the CCTV of flat TVs, a short documentary full of beautiful images of our land, Catalonia. The mountains of Montserrat, idyllic images of the Catalan coast, the vibrant nerve of the city of Barcelona and the incomparable charm of small inland villages. At one point, the traveling of a drone seems to be recreated on a balcony where a nationalist starred flag is hanging, but given that there are many starred flags in Barcelona I don't give it much importance. Shortly afterwards the helicopter (because it's clear that the documentary has plenty of means) flies over and focuses in detail on the main square of a small village in which apparently all its inhabitants come together to raise a ... Leer Más
José A. Ruiz Voces Layetanas
The craze for the single language at its peak: You have to insult in Catalan The craze for the single language at its peak: You have to insult in Catalan
30/11/2020 362

If someone thought they had seen it all in the nationalist struggle for the supremacy of the unique language, think again, because this time they have overcome. Those of us who are not nationalist Catalans (or as nationalists say: Spaniards who live in Catalonia) are used to these kind of things. We have already become accustomed to seeing posters in schools, bookstores and toy stores, addressing infants with the phrase "I tu, no jugues en Català? (And you, Don't play in Catalan?). And we have suffered a monolingual labeling that in some municipalities don't even represent 25% of the population, depriving us of the cultural richness of bilingualism that we Catalans have enjoyed for five hundred years, and even some quarter-hour gurus have taught us to "f..ck in Catalan". What remains to be seen?   Well, something as edifying as curse. And the fault lies with TV3... Leer Más
Ignacio Balasch Voces Layetanas
Forever great Forever great
26/11/2020 316

With Maradona, Soccer loses one of its unquestionable from its Poker of idols. Meanwhile, the drug underworld stops having to lower its head, as every time this poor lost man decided to make a new public appearance.   It was unfortunate and embarrassing to listen to that broken doll in his role as Football Procer, ​​on a permanent 'Global Tour of Nonsense'. Although this will also generate the highest quality didactic audiovisual material for those who want to use it, personifying in it all the damage caused by drug addiction.   Either he had 30 years to live, or I lack the understanding to understand how he did not spend them hidden, preserving the indisputable greatness of his sports legacy.   Rest in peace, Diego Armando, and hopefully you're back, hovering over your field in Villa Fiorito, hitting that rag ball with that, your magic.  ... Leer Más
José A. Ruiz Voces Layetanas
Pablo Casado makes Pablo Casado makes "a Rivera"
24/11/2020 336

Another missed opportunity. Another deified leader who begins to draw red lines and disdain alliances, believing that he has more people on his side than he really does. And goodbye to a unique opportunity: The conjunction of constitutional forces when nationalism has dismembered. A few months ago there sounded airs of a "Together for concord" (to say something) that could have included PSC, Ciudadanos and PP, a winning formula, but of which everyone was suspicious, specially the PSC, was now hopelessly self-excluded due to his obvious preferences for ex-coup plotters and ex-terrorists. The less forceful but also very effective formula of "Cataluña Suma" that would have integrated the voters of Ciudadanos and the Popular Party together with a good handful of undecided and disenchanted from the PSC and other formations remained then. A formula that has already proved its worth in N... Leer Más
The audience speaks..

Miguel Ángel Fernández 08/12/2020 12:06
Comenta La Batalla de Empel (el Milagro de la Inmaculada Concepción)
Genial, estupendo me ha encantado como se ha narrado este hecho histórico. Mis felicitaciones al narrador...
Espluguenç 30/11/2020 22:35
Comenta Pablo Casado se marca "un Rivera"
Hola, José Manuel. Si el independentismo vuelve a hacer un movimiento como el de hace dos años no te quepa duda, pero ahora mismo el valor de Tabarnia (desde mi punto de vista) está como reflejo de su hipocresía. Sin embargo creo que Tabarnia tiene las mismas posibilidades de hacerse real que Cataluña de ser un país independiente. Porque lo segundo provocaría lo primero. Saludos.
Maria 27/11/2020 19:46
Comenta Mi experiencia con los animales
Pues yo sin mis gatitos y mis perritos ya no puedo vivir. Los amo, los adoro y me río muchísimo con ellos, me hacen compañía, me esperan y me quieren. Prueba amiga, si tienes cuidado no tienen porque pasar desgracias. Vivir con animalitos, requiere sacrificio y compromiso, como todo amor verdadera, pero es una experiencia de lo más gratificante. Te aseguro amiga que ellos tienen alma.
José Manuel Díaz Hernández 25/11/2020 10:30
Comenta Pablo Casado se marca "un Rivera"
Si de verdad existiera Tabarnia, un partido como Tabarnia Libre ¿no tendría que arrasar?.
Espluguenç 24/11/2020 22:31
Comenta Diego De Torres Villaroel
Hola, Angel Carmona. Soy otro de los que escucha más los programas por la web que por la radio, y como además de escucharlos los puedo ver, pues vale la pena. Teniendo en cuenta que esta gente se mueve desde el corazón (y no desde la subvención) el nivel de calidad es encomiable. Especialmente en El Umbral de la Duat. Saludos.
Angel carmona 21/11/2020 19:34
Comenta Diego De Torres Villaroel
Muchas gracias por compartir la emisora con nosotros y los temas que tocáis. Afortunadamente tengo un amigo que me suele mandar enlaces y a si vez yo lo reenvío a otros grupos. Yo os sigo pero para mi es complicado ya que tiene que ser a través de internet pero los enlaces que recibo los escucho todos y una vez que estoy dentro sigo escuchando. Comentaros que la música suena muy bien. Atte. Ángel