Unidos SI: The constitutionalist split of Podemos that defends Tabarnia

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Constitutionalism is now completely transversal with the arrival of this formation located on the far left.         
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José A. Ruiz 25/05/2019 1847
Since the phenomenon called Podemos capitalized the 15-M movement to found a political party located practically on the far left, the accelerated growth of that phenomenon was used in all the Spanish autonomies to shelter minority movements of a nationalist nature. Especially striking was the purge in Catalonia of the dissenting voices that asked the recently released "circles" of Podemos not to include identity nationalism in their ranks and consider it "chaste", like the rest of the ruling oligarchy they claimed to fight. Such a purge eliminated the discrepancy and left confessed independentists like Lluís Franco Ravell (who decided to hide the last name "Franco") or Ada Colau, both independence voters in the pseudo-referendum of 9-N, and that since then began to practice that well-known "equidistance" consisting in acting as independentistas and saying that they were not.
The phenomenon was reproduced on a national scale, with the Valencian Compromís and the Galician Mareas. In each community, Podemos defended the minorities attacking the majorities, to extremes such as having their electoral posters in Asturias only in Asturian, a very minority language.
Since then there have been many internal fights, mergers and continuous splits in the purple formation, with name changes included, from Podemos to Unidos Podemos and now Unidas Podemos. Many of the discrepancies have been, precisely, related to the double standard by which the purple formation has always denounced the dirty deeds of Spain, but never those of the independence movement, its preferred partner.
In fact, the complexation of the left before the identity nationalisms is as generalized as incomprehensible. Movements that are based on equality, brotherhood among the workers and the absence of borders are cowed by an extreme right-wing nationalism made up with a fine left varnish very easy to scratch, and they refuse to denounce their evident hypocrisy for fear of be called 'fascists'.
Until finally people get tired. And this is where Unidos SI appears. A formation that splits from Unidos Podemos to occupy the same area of ​​the left / right spectrum as the purple formation or the CUP, but that in the other spectrum, that of constitutionalism / secessionism, is closer to the PP or to Ciudadanos. And although it's difficult for Spanish people to get used to it, the truth is that it's a much more coherent position, since the real left has always tried to abolish borders, never to lift them. That's why the new formation, still small in size, not only groups purple disagreements, but disenchanted socialists, as well as "comunes" of other formations and ex-affiliates of Iniciativa / Els Verds.
Because far left constitutionalism was an electoral space that still had to be filled, the gap fill that makes constitutionalism to be totally transversal, from the far right of VOX, passing through the right of the PP, the center (depending on the day) of Ciudadanos, a socialist center-right too complicit with secessionism and new formations of non-nationalist left, such as Izquierda en Positivo or DCIDE, ending in the new Unidos SI. In front of them: the secessionist alignment, with the irredentary far right of the MIC, the most disguised far right of the PDECAT, the pseudo-left of ERC, the accomplice far left of the "comunes" and the extreme far left of the CUP, and without known center.
But Unidos SI still has another surprise. Within a leftist position more radical than those of DCIDE or Izquierda en Positivo, the new formation openly supports the idea of ​​Tabarnia, which implies the division of Catalonia into two autonomous communities, one for the most constitutionalist regions, fundamentally large coastal and industrialized cities, and another for nationalists, mostly small inland and mainly agricultural municipalities.
We'll see what may be the scope of this new party that has been presented by surprise in some municipalities and that already has a candidate for Barcelona, ​​Julio Villacorta, in addition to presenting itself in other municipalities such as Blanes.

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