The perfect campaign of TV3 and the CDR

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José A. Ruiz 20/01/2019 986
Given the proximity of the electoral campaign for municipal and European elections, TV3 (Catalonia public TV) and the CDRs (autonomous street forces) have become the two pillars of an electoral campaign that could be defined as perfect. Of course, only from a totalitarian perspective and outside the parameters of democracy.
On the one hand, the public television of Catalonia continues with its messages unequivocally favorable to secession, and with its particular language (the autonomous community is "the country", the pro-independence people are "the people", the constitutionalists are "far-right ultras" and the CDRs, simply "the young Catalans") that seems conceived to create a unique and indisputable state of opinion.
And on the other hand, the CDRs act as "repression commandos", dismantling stands (last week the VOX stands, this one the Ciudadanos stands), threatening and assaulting the participants of the opposition parties to the secessionist ideology, which they call "fascists" and qualify as "far right", curiously the same qualifying that Europe applies to the secessionist president QuimTorra and the nationalist forces that give him support in Europe.
The circle closes when the spokesmen of the cells of the CDR are interviewed on TV3 and street violence is bleached before the media or excused by the alibi of the suffering of "exiles" (politicians who allegedly committed a crime whose consequences were repeatedly warned and that they fled so as not to face the consequences of their actions) and "political prisoners" (politicians who did face the consequences of their actions but are in provisional detention because of the evident flight risk that their escaped comrades have demonstrated). It is thus intended to excite the emotional response of an electorate that can no longer be accessed with the arguments of reason ("we will be more prosperous, companies will not flee, Europe will support us ...") that have already been dismantled one by one to throughout these seven years of "procés".
This perfect circle empowers the voice of a part of the population with public means while silencing the dissenting voices through intimidation. It is, by all accounts, the dream campaign ... although not by a democrat.

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