The 'Escamots' are back - The far right-wing independence movement demonstrates in Lleida

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'Moviment Identitari Català' the xenophobic and monolingualist movement, pays tribute to Quim Torra's referents and supports his protégé, Nuria de Gispert.         
Noticias (Layetania)
José A. Ruiz 08/05/2019 2073
On April 28, a parade of fascist independence movement has been held in the municipality of Torregrossa. The parade has been run by the MIC (Moviment Identitari Català), a far-right, xenophobic formation that rejects both Spaniards and immigrants alike, and is in favor of Catalan as the only language. His followers have taken to the streets in uniform with brown shirts and military greetings with Catalan identity symbols that paradoxically remind a lot to those of the Franco regime.
The MIC has been topical after the attempted coup of 2017, when participating with the CDRs in the "country strikes" promoted by the Intersindical CSC of the terrorist Carles Sastre.
In this tribute, which coincided with the general elections, the movement has worshiped the Badía brothers, promoters of the "Escamots", direct action groups that committed atrocities under the Companys regime and that were inspired by the fascist commandos of Mussolini. But they have also taken the opportunity to give their support to Nuria de Gispert for their xenophobic messages, aligning themselves with President Quim Torra, a well-known admirer of the Badia brothers and who in Europe is also framed on the extreme right.


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