Puigdemont, obsessed with the idea that someone may attempt against his life

Carles Puigdemont en Berlin (Modificada). Autor: Lukas Uhde. Fuente: Wikimedia Commons - Lukas Uhde - Wikimedia Commons
Noticias (Layetania)
José A. Ruiz 09/01/2019 1207

The expresident escaped to Belgium begins to show disturbing signs of paranoia. He is convinced that the "evil" Spanish state wants to attempt against his life. This becomes clear from the testimonies of some agents assigned to his protection, as published by Salvador Sostres in the newspaper ABC.

Apparently, Puigdemont has made his bodyguards taste the foods with his fans have given him, and agents in charge of his security have revealed that the comments that Puigdemont has gained some weight are due to the fact that lately the expresident escaped does not leave the house of Waterloo without wearing a bulletproof vest, something that is causing his most immediate circle to refer to the palace as the "Maniac Mansion".

The conjunction of this excessive paranoia with the outbursts of his lieutenant Quim Torra is causing a notable part of the PDECAT to feel uncomfortable with its leaders and seek more possibilist positions, as well as candidates like Elsa Artadi to running from the autonomic scope and taking refuge in the municipal.


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